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What’s Happening in G Suite 2019 up till Now

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Google has been rolling out great features this year that will surely help business owners. Let’s take a look at what has been happening so far in G Suite.

In this article, we’ll talk about the 2019 happenings in G Suite up till now, which are highlight features that are important to you and your team.

What we’ll discuss first is the ever-helpful “undo” feature in Gmail. On Gmail’s 15th year, the undo is one of the nice features that Google rolled out. Because, well, at some point, we’ve all experienced sending an email to someone who shouldn’t even receive it. The undo button will appear on your screen for 30 seconds, or shorter if that’s what you prefer, letting you forget the hassle of sending a “sorry, please ignore” message.

Moreover, you can schedule when an email should be sent. As Google put it, it’s a way to respect and be considerate of others’ time. This is especially if you suddenly want to send an email outside business hours so that you won’t forget what it is. So now, you can write the email and just send it at a later time — all without the hassle.

There is also the Smart Compose feature where you will see a suggestion on how to continue, or even start, your emails. Google started with Smart Reply, giving out suggestions on quick responses to an email. Their machine learning is just getting smarter and smarter. Who knows, we might not even need to spend time for a full email in the upcoming years… or months.

In line with that, Google rolled out an update where AI can help you with grammar in Google Docs. With their grammar suggestions, you don’t need another software or website to check your grammar in. That’s already integrated into your documents.

Google is taking putting a pin code to access a shared file a step further by now letting you set an expiration date to your shared document. With this, you are more in control of the information you share through G Suite.

Talking about documents, Google has made it easier for its users to stay updated on what’s happening in their G Suite. Their dynamic email lets you take action immediately, right in the message itself. For example, you can directly comment or resolve something in your Google Docs within the email.

Next up is working with Office files. Now, you don’t need to copy your Word, Powerpoint, or Excel files to Google Docs, Slide, or Sheets, respectively. You can just upload it to your Drive, and do the edits right there. But if you prefer to have it as a Google Docs file, then you have to convert it.

Lastly, Google continues to help businesses’ teamwork with different updates in G Suite. First is Voice, Google’s telephony service, which works on any device, anywhere. Then there’s also Google Assistant being integrated with Calendar. Wherever you are, you can ask for your Assistant’s help on your daily schedule. And they’ve also brought the Hangouts Chat in Gmail, making it easier to communicate with your team without leaving your Gmail window.

And that’s it for what we have so far. If you want to be updated as soon as Google releases them, visit https://gsuiteupdates.googlebl...