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How AI affects Workers and the Job Market Today

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Technology is shaping the present and the future of the world we are living in. This has now become an essential part of our daily lives. With it, we have changed the way we communicate and transport, how we purchase, and how we cure illnesses. Technology has even transformed jobs with the introduction of artificial intelligence, commonly known as AI.

AI is currently used in different products and services, from detecting diseases to cars driving by itself. The continuous development of this technology will create new opportunities in a society that embraces its advantages wholeheartedly. With this, AI and automation indeed go hand in hand.

The job market today with AI

Some people fear that AI and job automation will cause many to lose their jobs. While AI will definitely revolutionize the market, there are those who believe that this will end in the scarcity of the available jobs. However, that is not the case.

Artificial intelligence is now changing the job market, but it is for the better however we look at it. It does not mean that because of job automation, people will lose employment. In contrary, AI creates more opportunities. Since technology at work is advancing, workers should also be evolving.

The impact of job automation

Automation will replace workers in the near future, but it will also create and change jobs. Because some routine work can be done with AI, people should learn more about new jobs that technology created. These can be software developers and analysts, research scientists, and surgeons who work with robotics to name a few.

Even though AI keeps on progressing, there seems to be a shortage of workers in the industry. Only a few seem to be interested in learning and working on software that learns. A company that recruited on a job fair said that it was hard for them to fill AI positions.

AI and humans working alongside

A strong collaboration between machines and humans should be promoted by companies in their workforce. Collaborative robots, or cobots, have helped many corporations in activities where they are needed, working alongside employees. Cobots are designed to work together with humans and help in repetitive processes.

The job market will continue to change, but the skills of workers will still be an important factor in companies. However, these skills should be improving to meet the required knowledge that this technology will need. The future of the job market will depend on developing human skills.

The future of jobs

Society evolves in conjunction with the development of technology. In a world where changes are indeed inevitable, people should also be aware that learning new skills is important. Future and current employees should look at it as a favorable moment in preparation for more advanced technologies.

Artificial intelligence and automation will bring challenges to the job market, but it will also create new opportunities that will affect companies in a good way. Those who keep an open and positive mindset about the changing world will definitely prosper in the future.